Senator queries Member for Terrigal’s fitness for office

Senator for NSW Deborah O’Neill has raised concerns about the Member for Terrigal’s fitness for public office, following his memory-failure during recent ICAC hearings.

“In what was either a sterling effort from Chris Hartcher to avoid scrutiny, or a damning indictment on his memory capacity, the fallen Liberal resorted to memory loss, repeating ad nauseam ‘I do not recall’ on over 20 occasions in response to evidence put to him by ICAC counsel-assisting Geoffrey Watson, SC.”
Senator O’Neill has called on Mr Hartcher to finally call time on his now muddied political career in the wake of such dismal testimony, saying the Central Coast has been let down.

“The Central Coast deserves better than a troika of tainted MPs who seem to have caught a contagious bout of memory failure. “The coincidental cash withdrawals and deposits, revealed today (May 19) at the ICAC, were met with a clearly advanced strain of collective amnesia by Mr Hartcher and his Liberal Party lackeys. “Mr Hartcher ‘could not recall’ a lot today. “The fact is, the Central Coast cannot recall the last time Mr Hartcher or his Liberal lackeys have done anything to benefit ourcommunity.

“If Mr Hartcher’s memory is so poor, surely it’s time he do the last honourable thing available to him – step down and allow someone with at least basic memory capacity to serve the people of Terrigal,” Senator O’Neill said.


Email, 19 May 2014
Richard Mehrtens, offi ce
of Deborah O’Neill