Petrol excise hits the wrong people

Senator for NSW Deborah O’Neill has slammed Prime Minister Tony Abbot for the contempt he has shown voters, particularly Coasties, with the decision to increase the Petrol Excise.

“Tony Abbott and the local Liberals promised to reduce taxes, not increase them,” said Senator O’Neill. “They said they would get rid of taxes, not bring in new ones. “With up to 40,000 residents leaving the Coast every day for work, the Central Coast region will be hit hard by this new tax. “This is an unfair hit to Central Coast commuters who are already finding it hard to make ends meet. “We here on the Central Coast need our cars to get to and from work, to pick up the kids and to do even basic shopping.

“Adding hundreds of dollars extra in petrol tax will make every day activities harder, and force some Coasties off the road completely. “How many hard working tradies are going to lose their businesses because of this hit? “How many apprentices won’t even get a start as this government makes it difficult for businesses that need mobility to function? “This big new tax comes despite Tony Abbott promising prior to the election to lead a government of no new taxes.

“Tony Abbott and his Government will be the ones who make sure every time you fill up the car; you pay more, putting more pressure on the family budget. “Every time Coasties pull up to the bowser, they will remember each litre is charged at the Tony Abbott premium. “This great big new tax on commuters represents a clear, unequivocal broken promise. “It is a tax on effort, a tax on productivity, a tax that hurts the very people who took Tony Abbott at his word,” said Senator O’Neill.


Media release,
13 May 2014
Richard Mehrtens, office
of Deborah O’Neill