Bush poets to compete with State of Origin

Gosford bush poets will stage it’s next meeting on the evening of Wednesday, May 28, from 7pm at Gosford Hotel.

“Now, I know that the blasted NRL have decided to stage the first State of Origin league match on the very same night, but I suggest you press the record button, leave the TV do its thing and come and join us for a far better and more entertaining night at the Gosford Bush Poets,” said president Mr Vic Jefferies.

“You will not only have a far more enjoyable evening among some of the nicest people on the entire Central Coast, but afterwards, you will also have the opportunity to decide if you really want to view what has been recorded. “We shan’t be having a guest artist this month, which means we will all have the opportunity of presenting two items during the night.

“Everyone is more than welcome and feel free to bring your friends along to share the fun. “Entrance as always is entirely free and we would love to see you join us for dinner in the pub’s amazing bistro from about 5:30 pm onwards.


Email, 21 May 2014
Vic Jefferies, Gosford
Bush Poets