Bike and Hike Charity Fundraiser raises over $5,000

Bike and Hike fundraiser

Dr. Rodney Beckwith, Margaret Beckwith, Greg Johnson and Nermeen Yacoub

Reliance GP Super Clinic director and co-founder of online medical company Doctus, Dr. Rodney Beckwith with wife Margaret Beckwith held a Bike and Hike Charity Fundraiser at Reviver Cocktail Bar in Gosford on Wednesday, May 14, and raised over $5,000 for medical research.

The event saw the who’s who of the Central Coast health and business community come together to raise money for the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse and the Children’s Medical Research Institute. Guest speakers included Tristan Haddow Allen from The Weekend to End Women’s Cancers and Nermeen Yacoub from the Children’s Medical Research Institute who brought informative and emotional accounts of the work they do for both organisations.

The theme of the night was that cancer is preventable and curable. By supporting cancer research, Margaret and Rod Beckwith said they believed that knowledge about cancer would gradually accumulate and better prevention and management of this disease would result. “We can be proud of the fact that on the Coast we Bike and Hike Charity Fundraiser raises over $5,000 work hard for this cause, as evidenced by the achievement of the Central Coast Cancer Centre at Gosford Hospital,” Dr Beckwith said.


Media release,
15 May 2014
Caroline Neill Ryan, CNR